Astoria bone grafting

Astoria Bone Grafting

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One of the key features that sets dental implants apart from traditional bridges and dentures is that an implant has a root, just like your real teeth. For that root to be successful, your jaw bone needs to be strong and thick. If it isn’t, you’re not out of luck. A bone grafting procedure here at Ditmars Family Dental puts you in position to move forward with your new implant.

The preparation for getting a dental implant involves having a consultation and examination at our office. Testing on your jaw structure is done at part of that. And it is not uncommon to have a jaw that does not meet the necessary standard. Fortunately, our Astoria bone grafting is a straightforward surgery that has a high success rate. Bone tissue can be harvested from another area of your body, or we can obtain it from a donor tissue bank. This tissue is then transplanted into your jaw. Once there, new bone will begin to grow around it, with the result being a reliably sturdy bone structure that is prepared for an implant. The waiting time between completion of our Astoria bone grafting procedure and being able to get your implant will usually be several months. That’s not much of a wait when you compare that time to the longevity of a dental implant. If you take good care of yours, there’s no reason that it can’t last you for many years, and possibly for a lifetime.

When you need specialty care, like our Astoria bone grafting, turn to our office where you can get the benefit of our expertise and experience in this area. There’s nothing quite like having a full set of teeth. Get started right away. Reach out to us so we can schedule a time for your visit.

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