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Cleanings in East Elmhurst

Taking care of your dental health and oral hygiene should never go overlooked. There are plenty of things you can incorporate into your daily routine to make sure that your teeth and gums are well looked after, and visiting your dentist for regular preventative care is one of them. With biannual dental cleanings, you can do a lot to protect your health and prevent decay and disease. Here at Ditmars Family Dental, we can provide you with comprehensive care as well as a wealth of dental health treatments, depending on what you need. At our fully equipped East Elmhurst dental office, we can do it all.

Dr. George Gatzonis has been a trusted dentist here at our East Elmhurst dental office since 1992, and he continues to provide patients of all ages with the comprehensive dental care they need on a regular basis, or in the event of emergencies. Here at Ditmars Family Dental, we offer everything from routine preventative care to dental implants and Invisalign. Dr. Gatzonis is always making sure he stays ahead of the curve, keeping up with the latest in dental techniques, treatments, and technology – and all in order to bring you and your family the best care possible. When it comes to preventative care, cleanings is the best way to start. Routine dental exams often include an oral examination, x-rays, and a preventative cleaning. An exam helps Dr. Gatzonis look for signs of cavities or gingivitis, as well as offering him a chance to see how you are doing on the oral hygiene front. X-rays can provide documentation for future visits while also offering insight regarding your dental health where it is difficult to see, such as below the gumline. And cleanings are meant to help eliminate plaque buildup and ensure your smile is clean.

If you need a dental cleaning or are overdue for a checkup, call our East Elmhurst dental office to set up an appointment with Dr. Gatzonis at Ditmars Family Dental today.

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